LINQ Tutorials (Language Integrated Query)-Learn LINQ Step By Step

LINQ Tutorials

What are LINQ Tutorials

LINQ Tutorials  (Language Integrated Query) is uniform question syntax in C# and VB.NET want to save and retrieve knowledge from totally different sources. While It’s integrated into C# or VB, thereby eliminating while the twin between programming languages and databases, further as providing one querying interface for various forms of knowledge sources.

For example, SQL may be a Structure source language wont to save and retrieve knowledge from a database. While within the same manner, LINQ may be a structured question syntax inbuilt C# and VB.NET wont to save associated retrieve knowledge from differing types of knowledge sources like an Object assortment, SQL server info, XML, internet service etc.

LINQ continually works with objects, therefore, you’ll use equivalent basic cryptography patterns to question and remodel knowledge in XML documents, SQL databases, ADO.NET Datasets, .NET collections, and the other format that a LINQ supplier is on the market.

Why We Learn LINQ Tutorials

To understand why we should always use LINQ, let’s verify some examples. While Suppose you wish to seek out a listing of young students from Associate in Nursing array of Student objects.

While Before C# two.0, we tend to had to use a ‘foreach’ or a ‘for’ loop to traverse the gathering to seek out a specific object. while As an example, we tend to had to write down the subsequent code to seek out all Student objects from Associate in Nursing array of scholars wherever the age is between twelve and twenty (for young 13 to 19):

Advantages of LINQ

  • Familiar language: Developers don’t have to learn a new query language for each type of data source or data format.
  • Less coding: It reduces the amount of code to be written as compared with a more traditional approach.
  • Readable code: LINQ makes the code more readable so other developers can easily understand and maintain it.
  • A standardized way of querying multiple data sources: The same LINQ syntax can be used to query multiple data sources.
  • Compile time safety of queries: It provides type checking of objects at compile time.
  • IntelliSense Support: LINQ provides IntelliSense for generic collections.
  • Shaping data: You can retrieve data in different shapes.

LINQ Tutorials-API

LINQ is nothing, however, the gathering of extension ways for categories that implements IEnumerable and  IQueryable interface. System. Ling namespace includes the required categories & interfaces for LINQ. Numerable and Queryable area unit 2 main static categories of LINQ API that contain extension ways.

While Points to Remeber LINQ
Points to Remember :
  1. Use System.Linq namespace to use LINQ.
  2. LINQ API includes two main static class Enumerable & Queryable.
  3. While The static Enumerable class includes extension methods for classes that implements IEnumerable<T> interface.
  4. While IEnumerable<T> type of collections are an in-memory collection like while List, Dictionary, SortedList, Queue, HashSet, LinkedList
  5. The static Queryable class includes extension methods for classes that while implements IQueryable<T> interface
  6. Remote query provider implements IQueryable<T>. eg. Linq-to-SQL, LINQ-to-Amazon etc.

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