ASP .NET Web API Tutorials – Learn Web API Step By Step

ASP .NET Web API Tutorials

ASP.NET Web API Tutorials Introduction

While Before we have a tendency to perceive what’s net API, let’s examine what’s associate ASP.NET Web API Tutorials (Application Programming Interface).

As per Wikipedia’s Definition of API: In computer programming, associated application programming interface (API) could be a set of software definitions, While protocols, and While tools for building software system and applications.

To put it in straightforward terms,ASP.NET Web API Tutorials is a few reasonably interface that features a set of functions that enable programmers to access specific options or knowledge of the associated application, so software system or alternative services.

While Web API because the name suggests is associate API over the online which might be accessed victimization protocol.  it’s a thought and not a technology. While we are able to build an internet API victimization completely different technologies like Java, .NET etc. as an example, While Twitter’s REST Ap gives programmatic access to scan and write knowledge victimization that we are able to integrate While Twitter’s capabilities into our own application

 Learn Controller By ASP.NET Web API Tutorials

We created we have a tendency to  API with MVC project within the previous section wherever it generated a straightforward controller. Here, you may find out about internet API Controller thoroughly.

Web API Controller is comparable to ASP.NET MVC controller.While It handles incoming HTTP requests and sends the response back to the caller.

Web API controller could be a category which might be created below the Controllers folder or the other folder below your project’s root folder. The name of a controller category should finish with “Controller” and it should be derived from System.Web.Http.API Controller category. All the general public strategies of the controller square measure known as action strategies.

The following could be a straightforward controller category adscititious by the visual studio by default once we created a replacement internet API project within the produce internet API Project section.

 How To Create Web API project

Create net API project
Here, you may learn the way to form a replacement ASP.NET net API project mistreatment Visual Studio.
While You can produce a While online API project in 2 ways that.
Web API with MVC Project
Stand-alone net API Project
Web API with MVC Project
While Visual Studio (2013/2015/2017) includes net API model that creates a replacement net API project with ASP.NET MVC application and includes all the required references to urge started.
For this, open Visual Studio and click on File menu and click on New Project. While this may open New Project popup as below.

 How To Test Web API

Test net API
While In the previous section, we tend to create our initial easy net API project. While currently, we are going to learn the way to check net API regionally to visualize request & response throughout development.

We can use the subsequent third-party tools for testing net API.


While Fiddler could be a free debugging proxy for any browser. we are able to use it to compose and execute totally different protocol requests to our net API and check protocol response.

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